5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Ranking On Google


There are more than 100 possible answers for this question. But, fortunately we all have brains to follow those basic rules. So, I covered only the top most 5 reasons because of which your site is not getting ranked with google. You don’t make these mistakes when you are developing your blog.

1. On Page SEO

On Page SEO is nothing but Keyword Optimization. Google has to know what you are writing about. If your articles are written around a particular keyword then Google will try to catch the post and show them to people when they search for that particular keyword. So, if you write posts with congested keywords, it is really hard for Google to understand.

Example: If you write about “Apple iPhone”, and you include all related keywords like RAM, Camera, OS etc, then google will understand that you are writing about a phone. Otherwise, there is a high chance to show results for Apple fruit instead of Apple phone. Anyway, you should have at least either of these keywords to appear on SERP for any one of the keywords. You can’t rank without proper keyword optimization.

2. Bad Backlinks

Every blogger knows that backlinking is the backbone of any website or blog. But, If you don’t have backlinks from trusted high authority websites. your website won’t get any ranking easily. Here, Google counts only quality backlinks from relevant sites but not quantity.

Example: Let’s say you have food blog and you have contents related to recipes. But, you have 100s of backlinks from useless websites. Then, google will easily understand that you are trying to rank your website using shortcuts. Also, Google will consider your website is not built around a particular category since the links are shattered around all the categories from worst quality sites. So, You should get backlinks only from food blogs and not from any other categories.

3. Website Trust Metrics

We can define trust metrics using various factors such as domain name and its length, domain registration and expiry date, SSL certificate, theme responsiveness etc. Those are not main factors but mandatory for ranking. It is a well-known factor that newly created websites can take up to 6 months to rank .

Example: The domain MoneySavingExpert will rank easily than MatthewWoodward . I hope you don’t need more explanation.

4. Quality of Content

The vision of google to provide most relevant information to their users for the searched keyword. So, If you want to rank higher with google, your article should be of top notch quality. Google will grab your article and show in the first page of SERP, only when it is convinced that your article will help the user to gain some serious information. The information should be trusted one as well. On the other hand, Google will never show your posts on google first page if it is copied content or spun post or false content. The grammar is not mandatory for the trusted article but the content should be easily readable by an ordinary person. An article with good flow have an opportunity to rank higher with Google.

5. High Competition

If you corrected all the above 4 issues, and still you don’t see ranking means, this factor would be the most possible reason. If your keyword has a very high competition, then it is really hard to rank your website. I won’t say it is not possible but it will take a lot of time and effort.


Example: The keyword “How to lose weight” is a very high competitive keyword to rank since it is most popular and generic term. But, the keyword “buy facebook likes” will be easily ranked since there are not much competition like the first one. In fact, for the first keyword, the SERP results will have the top websites in the SERP such as quora, webMD, DietDoctor. You know how big they are and you can’t compete with them easily. On the other hand, The second keyword SERP will have only few small websites and you can beat them easily with good efforts.


Please try to avoid these mistakes when you try to rank your site. You will get positive results and earn some good money with Google.

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