Are Backlinks Really Important To Rank Your Website In Google?


I used to see a lot of services offer bulk backlinks building services. Are they really useful? Most of us don’t know the exact answer. That is why I decided to write this post so that you can find out whether they are really useful to rank a website. I already mentioned in another post that backlinks are backbone of a website, but you don’t need to depend on them if you put serious effort to write high quality useful articles that are 100% Google friendly.

Can You Rank Your Website Without Backlinks?

Yes. You can rank your posts even with 0 backlinks but that depends on various factors including keyword competition. If you write high quality useful content and optimize it for SERP, there are high chances to rank high in Google. Because, Google wants to show their users most relevant information for what they search. So, if Google finds your content most useful, it will definitely recommend to users.

Is There Any Website That Was Ranked Top With 0 Backlinks?

Our blog is a proof. One of my posts got ranked 1st on Google. Our blog has only 2 backlinks at the time. Below, you can check the screenshots.



So, if you are confident that your posts are unique, high quality and Google SEO friendly, there is 99% chance to rank high in SERP. However, it can’t be guaranteed all the time, because it depends on more than 100 factors such as domain age, page rank, keyword competition, article authenticity, etc. Anyway, if your keywords are less competitive there is high chance to reach top on SERP without backlinks.

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