How to Make Money From Your Blog: 5 Ways To Make Money From Blogging


There are 100s of ways to make money online. You can earn 1000s of dollars daily online. But, when you want a sustainable income, blogging is one of the best ways out of there. Initially, you may get frustrated after writing few articles, but once you start getting traffic to your blog you will make a very good amount of money for long term. It costs only your patience and effort.

1. Direct Ads (AdSense)

You can sell portion of your blog space to show ads and earn some share for each impression and click. You know very well about AdSense. It is the no.1 advertising platform online. They accept almost all genuine blogs. If you write quality articles you will get approved for sure. AdSense has a large variety of ads which you can be showed to your visitors without disturbing them. AdSense can pay up to $1 per click if it comes from top countries(US,GB,CA,DE,AU).

So, if you just bring visitors to your blog, you will make some money for sure. You can expect almost 1% CTR since the Google will show only very relevant ads to their visitors. Anyhow, you need a large amount of traffic, if you want some serious income. You can also use contextual links ads but I won’t recommend it for new bloggers because it is confusing for both readers and bloggers.

2. Native Ads

It is 2nd best option for blogs. Native advertising is a fast growing advertising method in 2019. It is similar to AdSense, since it won’t affect the readers in anyway. The ads can be placed at the end of any articles, posts and homepage.

When people scroll down the blog,they are recommended with some sponsored contents. You will make money when they click those content recommendations. Mostly, The advertisers will provide very interesting contents and images to increase their CTR. So, you can expect good money from native ads. Top networks lik OutBrain, Taboola will pay up to $1 per click for US countries. I would recommend RevContent or MGID networks for your blogs because OutBrain is very strict in website approval, they require minimum 10k visitors a day for your blog.

3. Push Ads

Push Notifications are newly emerging advertising method. Advertisers are spending millions of dollars with these type of ads. It is very similar to native ads but instead of showing recommended ads on the blog, it will show ads on the notification panel. In desktops you can view ads at the corner of your browser and in mobiles you can view ads in the notification area.

I would recommend you to try Ad-Maven to show push ads to your visitors. They have very good rates. Push notifications are being widely used by advertisers since its audience base is very large(100m subscribers).

4. Affiliate Marketing

This type of monetisation is mostly used by authority blogs and niche sites. You can promote any offer through your blog. If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, I will try to explain in a simple way. You recommend a product or service to your visitors through a unique link and when they click that link and buy the product or service you will get some commission. For more information, I recommend you to read my posts about Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is suitable if you write detailed posts and reviews about particular niche or category. For example, if you are writing about weight loss, you can recommend some weight loss programs, drinks, supplements etc. People will definitely buy those products if they are really useful. But, imagine you are selling mobile apps on the pet blog, well no one would ever buy your apps. So, If you sell products that are very much related to your blog, at least 1% of visitors will buy your recommendations.

5. Email Marketing

It is useful only for blogs with at least 10k visitors a day. You are just going to collect your visitors email and send them your posts links or CPA offers. People will click on your links and you will get money when they complete CPA offer. For that, You should learn CPA Marketing first in order to mail without irritating your email subscribers. It is a kind of affiliate marketing but very easy to perform if you have a large email subscribers list.

I would recommend you to use OptinMonster or MailChimp for collecting and sending mass emails automatically.


I would recommend you to try AdSense first and when you get to used to it start integrating other type of ads slowly. But, make sure you don’t disturb your visitors at all.

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