How To Make Money With Fiverr: 4 Definite Ways To Make Money On Fiverr


If you are eager to make money online, you should try this wonderful website called Fiverr. It is the best platform for both newbies and professionals. You can make money here without any investment. But, it will take a lot of time and effort to make some 3 figure a month. So by investing a little amount, definitely you will earn a decent amount for long term. All of it requires your hard work and consistency.

1. Logo Design

Fiverr is the no.1 place for buying professional logos. There is always high demand for logo designs. So, you can make use of this opportunity and earn some good money regularly. Logo designing is not as tough as you think. You can become an expert in logo designing in just a week. You will be spending money only for buying the logo designing software. You will get that money back in very few days once you get 3-4 orders from Fiverr. You can charge up to $30 for 3 logos. I would always recommend you the Laughing Bird Logo Designing Software as my first choice. It is very easy to use and cheap as well. Before start selling your gigs on Fiverr, spend some time to learn how to create beautiful logos on the software. You can find tutorial online as well. It is really easy to get used to the Laughing Bird software.

2.  Articles Writing

This is really an easy way to make some decent money regularly with Fiverr. If you have a very good English knowledge, you are ready to go. There are a number of people who are looking for professional writers for their blogs and affiliate websites. Initially, it is hard to find the right clients for your gigs but once you acquire sufficient clients, you can continuously writing articles and earn full time income. The clients will be your regular customers who need articles on regular basis. So, you can write articles as long as they want to promote their blog or keep it alive. The orders may include proofreading, rewriting, review posts etc. You can easily get clients if you put some effort and be consistent until you make some good money. You can get help from Grammarly, if you are not sure about the quality of posts you write.

3. Virtual Assistant

It is very easy job where you can be an assistant to someone for an hour and get paid for the same. The buyer will ask you to do some small tasks such as monitoring a website, data collection, data monitoring, typing works, data uploading and downloading and etc. For these kind of tasks, you just have to be free at the time the buyer orders your gigs and spend full time with him until he is satisfied with your work. Once you get some positive reviews on your gigs, many clients will start to order your services in no time. The buyer will pay up to $10 per hour.

4. Video Editing

Youtube is the no1 Social Media Platform in 2019. SEO is outdated now. People are spending a lot of time on YouTube and other video based platforms which is an additional benefit for marketers to promote their business or service very easily. People tend to respond faster for videos rather than a display banners or text ads. So, their is an high demand for video marketing agencies. You make use of this wonderful opportunity and help the marketers to promote their fantastic marketing videos. You can get clients not only from marketing, but also to edit their own videos, songs promotions, short films etc. All you need to start selling your gig is to become an expert in adobe premier, Filmora or similar video editing software. Learn the basics and do some personal exercises to make sure you have an enough talent to product excellent videos for your customers. Depending on the quality of videos, you can charge up to $100 for a video.


Those above four methods can be used by any common individual to make some good income online. If you are very serious about making money, spend some more time to become an expert and get full time income. I hope it will be helpful for someone. If you need more ideas about making money on Fiverr, please make a comment.

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