Is It Really Possible To Make Money Online In 2020?


The Internet Marketing is one of the highest competitive industries today. Every second it is becoming more competitive than the previous second. This post will be much useful for newbies to find ways to earn money online and understand the current situation in Digital Marketing Industry. I will answer to the title question first. Yes, It is possible to make money online in 2020. You need to work hard, think wise and innovate ideas.

How Do People Make Money Online?

There are more than 100 ways to earn money online with or without investment. All those methods are using the same concept when making money. It is nothing but selling a product or service to internet users. Some methods force users to buy indirectly and other methods allows users to buy when they really wish. Here, I have covered top 6 ethical ways to make money online. This post does not share the method but it will talk about the diversity in Internet Marketing.

Top 6 Methods To Earn Money Online

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Own Products/Services
  4. Freelancing
  5. YouTube
  6. Micro Jobs & Virtual Assistance


There are more than 600M blogs in the internet. It is one of the highest competitive areas in internet. But, if you do smart work and put your effort, you can earn some decent money without much investment. You can make money from your blog by showing ads such as google ads, native ads, push ads, etc.

Who Can Start A Blog?

Any individual that has efficient English skills and basic WordPress knowledge. You can write about almost anything. Internet is getting wider day by day and so you will get audience for your site for sure. All you need to have is patience. For more details related to blogging, you can read other useful posts on Blogging category in our blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but selling third party’s products or services and getting commissions for each sale. For example, if you affiliate an Amazon product, you will get paid some % commissions from the product price when the product is sold on behalf of you. AM is the most competitive field today. You can never get success in this field unless or otherwise you have excellent creativity skills, innovative ideas and of course sufficient experience in internet industry.

Selling Your Own Products Or Services

If you can produce or resell any physical products such as electronic items, health drinks, hardware etc., you can sell them easily online through top e-commerce sites or you can create your own site and sell your products through them. You can also provide digital services such as coding bots, developing premium WordPress themes through your own site. In order to get sales through your site, you need to improve your site SEO for Google to find you. Once you get enough reach, you will get a lot of sales for sure.


Freelancing is nothing but working for third parties and getting their work done with your technical skills. Sites like Freelancer, Up Work and Fiverr are some of the freelancing websites. If you have technical skills, you can join any of the above sites and explore your talents to the clients. You may get projects related to programming, web scripting, digital marketing, MBA, etc. Anyway, if you have technical skills, you will definitely find a way there to earn a living income.


YouTube has more than 31M channels. YouTube allows you to publish your own videos and earn money through it. You will get paid for each ad shown to the viewer. You can publish videos about all topics. If it is interesting, you will get a lot of subscribers and then your videos will get more views. You can survive here only if your videos are of very informative, impressive and entertaining.

Virtual Assistance & Micro Jobs

If you don’t have technical skills or English skills, you can still make money by working in micro job sites and working as virtual assistant. You will get small jobs like Facebook share, sign up to the network, etc. If you finish it, you will get paid. Some examples of micro job sites are Micro Workers, Rapid Workers, etc. You can also be an assistant for your clients and get paid for each hour you work for them. You can get such VA jobs in Fiverr. You need to sell your gig mentioning that you will be a virtual assistant and you need to charge a minimal amount in order to get more clients fast.

The above 6 areas are where people used to make huge money daily. Choose the one that fits you, start working hard and make some serious money online. All the best!

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