Top 3 High Performance Affordable Windows VPS Providers 2019


There are more than 100 websites who provide VPS. Each one has unique features and price. It is really hard to find the right one for your needs. I already made a big research and have given you the top 3 VPS providers.

1. Hostwinds


When you are searching for the best windows VPS, You would have definitely came across of this website. Hostwinds is the most trusted and popular Hosting providers. They have very good rates for windows VPS. All their VPS are using only SSD Disks. So, you need not worry about the performance ever. They have both managed and unmanaged windows VPS. If you are an expert in windows, you can buy unmanaged vps otherwise buy managed VPS where you can instantly start using your VPS. Their 1GB Windows Managed VPS costs $16.99/mo. The price may be higher but it is really worth to try hostwinds vps. You will find the difference only when you use VPS multiple sites. First month they provide 50% discount. Click here to get your offer.

2. Green Cloud VPS

They are selling only VPS for all kind of tasks such as running bots, software, mining etc. There are a lot of variety of VPS available and you can choose the best one that fits your needs. They have very high speed servers which is 10GBPS. The price is also so affordable. 1GB RAM Windows VPS costs only $8/month. You can get 10% discount by using the coupon. Click here to receive your 10% coupon.

3. Contabo

It is the cheapest windows VPS service available so far. They offer pure SSD storage with huge RAM for very affordable price. They provide different speeds for different VPS. They are very best in terms of price and performance. It is best for running big servers and running software. For running traffic bots, it is my third choice since the speed is somewhat lesser than the first two servers.


These 3 VPS providers are really best for all kinds of VPS related services. I assure you that you can easily find the right VPS from those 3 websites very easily. Just save your time on research and choose the best windows VPS for you in a few minutes.

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